mb air systems
mb air systems

Powder Coating by Gema

Powder coating is increasingly accepted as the preferred finishing process for the future for many applications.

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations, rising costs in all areas, and demands by consumers for better quality and more durable products are among the challenges facing today’s finisher. Powder coating provides a solution to these challenges and others.

Powder coating is the technique of applying statically charged dry paint to a part which is then heated in an oven to melt and cure the paint. The final cured coating is the same as a 2-pack wet paint. The powdered paint is normally applied by using a powder feed system and gun to electro statically charge and spray the powder onto the part. For some uses, such as pipes, the part being coated is dipped into a fluidised bed of powder. The part is then placed in a curing oven. During the curing process a chemical cross-linking reaction is triggered and it is this chemical reaction which gives the powder coating many of its desirable properties.

Powder Coating gives a dry, clean, durable coating. It is environmentally friendly. Unlike liquid finishing were solvents are used, powder coatings do not release Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere. Unlike wet spraying, in many cases the over sprayed powder can be recycled for re-use.

Powder coating can produce much thicker coating than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. Additionally a wide range of effects are easily accomplished which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.

Capital equipment and operating costs for powder coating lines are generally less than for conventional wet spray lines.

With one of the world’s largest installed bases of powder application equipment, Gema brings the confidence and expertise that comes with being the global leader in powder coating equipment. Even after over 40 years in business, continue to explore new ways to guarantee customers better cost effectiveness and quality.

Gema have revolutionized the industry with products like the OptiFlex manual and automatic powder coating systems, advanced booth systems like the Magic Cylinder and Magic Compact, time saving products like the Colour Change Centre, and the dependability of the ZA Reciprocator.

Gema Optiflex Models
The market leading Gema Optiflex manual powder coating machine is available in a range of models to suit your application, and has several major benefits over its predecessors and competitors.

•Gema Optiflex ‘B’ Box Feed machine
We recommend this machine were the operator requires frequent colour changes.
The box feed machine is designed to use the powder directly from the manufacturer’s original carton. The inclined vibration table, together with the fluidizing suction tube allow complete emptying of the powder box, reducing waste.

•Gema Optiflex Upgrade machine
Designed to offer an economical upgrade path. This machine comes in a variety of forms and is designed to upgrade your existing gema easy or competitors machine to the latest optiflex model. It utilizes your existing stand and powder feed e.g. Vibrating bed whilst upgrading the gun, control drawer, and injector.

•Gema Optiflex ‘S’ Stirrer machine
The stirrer machine is highly flexible and can handle all powder types including hard-to-fluidize and metallic powders. The hopper with stirrer arm can process powder amounts from a cup full to 10 kg without leaving residue. The unit is emptied via a valve located under the container. Rmaining powder can be emptied into the original powder box.

•Gema Optiflex ‘F’ Fluidised Hopper machine
The fluidised hopper machine is especially designed to process coating powders from a 50-litre container with fluidized bed. Ideal for medium to large production runs with infrequent colour changes, the hopper allows very uniform and gentle powder processing.

•Gema Optiflex ‘L’ Lab machine
We suggest this machine as the perfect solution for laboratory powder coating applications and short production runs designed for a maximum of 2.0 kg of powder. The 4-litre powder container with integrated ventilation guarantees perfect powder handling.

•Gema Optiflex ‘C’ Cup machine
Ideal for coating of single parts, powder manufacturer tests, or touch up work. Powder is fed from a self-fluidizing, gun attached, 500 ml application cup. The cup is easily dissembled for cleaning.

Gema Automatic Optigun

•OptiGun Automatic Powder Gun, with an integrated cascade power supply producing 100,000 volts of power, provides maximum charging at the tip of the gun.
•Improved design ensures longer life and better reliability.
•Contoured-body design prevents powder from collecting, making cleaning easier.
•Sealed gun-body design stops powder from entering the internal cavity, eliminating potential voltage and color-change contamination problems.
•Enlarged tube diameter provides softer spray patterns, allowing the electrostatics to have greater control and increased transfer efficiency.
•Quick-change hose connector and replaceable, threaded powder-tube enable quick removal and easy maintenance.
•Compatibility with all nozzles and extensions for the manual powder guns, simplifying replacement of wear parts.
•Optional Super Corona ring can be added to minimize orange peel and improve penetration.
Gema Optistar Control Drawer
•OPTISTAR’s patented Digital Valve Control, offers a new standard of precision and more uniform film thickness, resulting in lower operating costs
•DVC automatically adjusts all air required for powder coating, ensuring air flow accuracy to plus or minus 1%..
•Unmatched program storage capacity (up to 250) allows for fast recall of all settings for any application.
•Unprecedented control over voltage, current, electrode rinsing air, powder output, and air volume give you the ability to repeat quality performance–every time.
•Remote gun triggering and purging can be operated from the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
•OptiStar communicates with your PLC, allowing for advanced diagnostics and programmability.
•Optional Flow-Control Module™ for closed-loop control of the total air volume for consistent powder delivery and accuracy.
•Rinse air selection buttons ensure correct air volume, keeping the electrode clean, and maximizing transfer efficiency.
•Help code display simplifies operator troubleshooting.
Gema Optiflow Injector
•Advanced engineering of OPTIFLOW™ High Performance Powder Pump ensures uniform powder delivery for every application.
•Keyed quick disconnects facilitate fast installation and removal.
•Only one major wear part keeps spare parts and operational costs exceptionally low.
•Check valves and plug-in design promote reliability and easy maintenance.
•Precision-manufactured injector jet stays in place, assuring proper flow every time.
•Easy-to-clean design requires no disassembly for most color changes.

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